May 08, 2011

to all you moms that are empty nesters...

husband scott and i were trying to figure out if this is the first mother's day for me without the children here with me and i am pretty sure it is.

i miss them so.

so here is a lament from honk! the musical. i know i could find an equally teary and sad song that would be more hip or cool and would make everyone cry, but this one is the one i have been singing all week. here are some of the lyrics:

every time i turn around, i expect you to appear
everyone may call my name, but it's your voice that i hear
every moment that you're gone is a moment, dark and gray
every tear a mother cries is a dream that's washed away

every day will seem to be more empty than the last
everywhere the sun once shined, a shadow has been cast

every moment seems an hour 
every hour less a day

every tear a mother cries is a dream that's washed away

(while you are missing from my life, it's me who's feeling lost.
  without you, i feel lost)

so, how do i know the lyrics to a song from honk! the musical? i am glad that you asked. i LOVE musicals and my niece was in her middle school musicals and, like a good tantanana, i went up to watch each one. she played maureen and here she is with ida, the yellow duck:

and like high school musical (she was gabriela), i had to buy the cd after watching ita perform.


  1. Love you and miss you mom! Don't be sad!

  2. miss you, too, so very much. i'm not ALL sad, just every once in a while sad, today. i will pretend that you and jason are hugging me.

  3. What an awesome picture! I feel the same way, Ann. I still have one left at home, but he's only here for another year. Where did it all go? These days, a random commercial or an old photo can totally upend me. I'm a sucker for a sad song about the passing of time. I need to smell the back of a kid's neck really badly, and--unfortunately--my boys are all bigger than me