August 29, 2011

do you ever...

watch a movie over and over again and never get tired of it? i have a few that i can do that. i have watched 'drive me crazy' a gazillion times and it isn't even a great movie. i also have another that is a really really great movie that i just watched twice this weekend. it is funny, heart wrenching and true. 

muriel's wedding

the first time i saw it i didn't know who toni collette was. she is such a good actor. i loved her character. i am not much of an abba fan, but i love all the songs in this movie. in fact, i have never watched 'mama mia' because i want the abba songs to only relate to 'muriel's wedding'. 

this time around, i took note of something that muriel says in the movie that resonated with me more than ever. she is talking to rachel griffiths' character, rachel, who has asked muriel how she can stand taking care of her (rachel)...

and she says, "i'd just stay in my room for hours and listen to abba songs. sometimes, i would stay in there all day. since i've met you and moved to sydney, i haven't listened to one abba song...because now my life is as good as an abba song. it's as good as dancing queen."

that's what i want in my life. i want it to be as good as dancing queen, don't you?

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