October 12, 2011

our state fair is great state fair. don't miss it. don't even be late*

howdy, big tex!

today is husband scott's 55th birthday. he wanted to go to six flags, but it's not open on the week days now that summer is over, so........we went to the state fair.

we started out the night before with a movie and dinner. then, sister-in-law mary treated us to a sleep over at the mansion. we sat out on the patio and talked and talked. then, to bed.

it rained that night, so that we couldn't breakfast outside, but i really didn't mind because we need as much rain as possible.

so...we ate in the hotel restaurant, where mary introduced us all to everyone, "this is my brother-in-law, scott. it's his birthday today." she teased him by saying it was his 56th birthday instead of 55th because husband scott has been saying that he's almost 55 so much that he thought he already was. so earlier in the month, he had someone say that they had turned 56 and scott says, "me, too!" and i'm, like, "no you didn't." i HAD to correct him, so that people won't think i was turning 56 soon, because i'm NOT!

so, we had a nice breakfast and after the plates were cleared, out came this...

emily at the restaurant did this! i asked sister-in-law mary if she did this and she swore that she didn't. this is what a first class is. seriously, it was done at the spur of the moment. love, love, love, nice places!

then it was off to the grocery store to buy some canned foods because today was 3 cans for $2 at the fair, which means that it costs 3 cans plus $2 to get into the fair. then we did what we do every time at the fair. okay, that makes it sound that we are always going to the fair, but to be fair (ha ha...see what i did there?), it is our second time to do this with the first one being a year or two back.

we have to go see the animals, eat fletcher's corny dogs,
try to decide if we want the fried butter or...
we picked... fried peanut butter, jelly and banana sandwich which was pretty good. a family next to us had the fried butter and fried pizza, too. i must admit, the fried butter looked pretty good. we wanted to try the fried salsa, but after the corny dog and sandwich...our stomachs were pretty much rebelling. daughter michelle and i wished that we had split a corny dog rather than eat one each. although, it sure was good and fresh and just the right crunch on the outside. all four of us split the sandwich, but still...

husband scott also had a sausage on a stick, too.

we walked around, looked at the cars, played one game where michelle and i won a little domo guy by popping balloons. and we finished off the day with a ride on the ferris wheel. i still have to grip the seat really tightly even though we are in a completely caged in pod thingy. it is soooo scary for me.

not for michelle and mary.

seriously, look how tall it is!

it is sooooo tall...

and scary...

must. grip. the. seat. at. all. times.

while in line, we met the cutest. couple. ever.

so, trying not to be a creeper, i snapped a photo, pretending that i wasn't taking a photo of them, so, now you have to guess who i am talking about. can you figure it out?

i will give you a hint.

they are super nice and waaaaaaaay cuter than they appear in this photo.

* and btw, the quote in the title, know what this is from?


it's from 'state fair'.

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