October 20, 2011

show and tell

guess what i got today...

here are some hints (and don't scroll down too fast)

1. it required a signature from fedex to receive it.

2. it was worth driving a 1 hour round trip to the fedex place to pick it up, when it got delivered before i got home.

3. it was worth driving through all the traffic and NOT stopping to take a photo of a girl in front of a tattoo place holding a great big ol' snake. was totally hoping she would still be there when i came back, but she wasn't. but oh well...

4. it was worth having to drive back to the stockyards to find her another day.

5. i kept fiddling with the package, but it was taped up too well and the traffic lights kept turning green before i could get a good hold of the tape. here is a trick to hitting only green traffic lights while driving: hold a tube of red lipstick in your hand, hoping for a red light to put it on. red lipstick works best because it's harder to put on without looking closely in the mirror. you're welcome.

6. i have never owned a 'smart ' one before, much less a really cool 'smart' one.

7. in fact, mine is a hand-me-down from daughter michelle when my free one broke.

have you figured it out, yet?

it's a fluffin' iphone 4s!!!
(watched 'man up' last night, hence the fluffin' and is it my imagination or is the main family in 'man up' look exactly like the dunfee's? seriously, the father and mr dunfee could play brothers.)

i'm so excited and now i must end this post because i cannot wait any longer to finger it and figure out how it works!

one more thing...any apps that are totally new iphone worthy?

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