December 22, 2011

last night

last night, we went to rahr for tasting and touring. it was so much fun! it was really crowded for a wednesday night.
rahr & sons is a local brewery and for $7 (cash), you get a souvenir glass and 3 and a half beers. there was also a tour, but it was so noisy and crowded, i think we decided not to do that. the best beer, to me, is ugly pug. it's velvety and dark.

there was also a special beer to taste that had been aged in these old whiskey casks, called winter warmer. it was really strong. i didn't like it but, son-in-law dru liked it.
oh, and speaking of dru, he was stopped by some men and asked if he would like to join the north texas beard alliance.
i don't know why.

funny...husband scott wasn't asked.

after 3 and a half beers (okay...i only had 1 and a half, and i gave two of them away), we all ended up at buffalo wild wings for wings, onion rings and football (yea tcu!).


  1. New blog is up. Still anonymous, though. No references to the old ones.