December 16, 2011


i just got back from eating a really yummy lunch here in fort worth.

lanny's alta cocina. was so very delicious!

i knew it was going to be good when i ordered the iced tea and my glass came like this...

it was perfect. the iced tea was not muddy nor too strong and with the iced tea cubes, it never watered down. it is a very nice touch.

i keep thinking i need to do this when entertaining. it really does make a difference.

this what i ordered...

roasted chicken breast with nopal cactus and mushroom risotto. the nopales were diced small so it didn't overwhelm the dish and the risotto was so creamy. i almost forgot to take a photo before inhaling it. actually, i ate very slowly so that i could enjoy every bite. for dessert, we all had the black and white creme brulee. it was a regular creme brulee, but with a chocolate layer underneath it. as you can see, there is no photo because i did inhale it AND i did the annoying scrape scrape scraping thing to get every last bit.


i highly recommend eating at lanny's alta cocina.


  1. Where is that? Looks so good.

  2. it's on west 7th street on the west side of university just past the medical center. it's a little house and lanny is part of the joe t garcia family.