February 07, 2012

i did a bad bad thing

i have failed.

i was trying to take on sister laura's 100 days of not buying stuff. i made it 8 days. eight! that's bad.

i thought i could resist jason wu's target commercials. in fact, i didn't take a trip to target until today, thinking that the racks would look like this...
this is what target looked like when missoni hit. i went over right after work at 12:30pm (i work part time) ON THE SAME DAY the collection was first available. i was so bummed out.

maybe, other people were as bummed as i was and didn't camp out, waiting for the doors to open on sunday. maybe it was because it was super bowl sunday. maybe others had made new year's resolutions not to spend lots of money in 2012...or had taken the 100 day challenge.

whatever the reason, i show up today, 2 1/2 days after the launch and bought this...

look how cute!

i totally don't have a nipped in waist, but i thought folding it in would make a better photo.

what do you think?

doesn't it look like spring?

oh, and the touch of color?
mossimo skinny belts in bright colors! i bought 3 of them (pale pink not shown). i figure i could wear one of them or a pair of them. look at the rose gold colored buckles. there were some other colors i could have bought, as well, but i didn't want to go overboard. although at $12.99, one could do that, right?

jason wu, i love you!

actually, i just said that because it rhymes, but he is so cool.

even his tag is cool.

hope when i wear his dress, i look as cool...

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