February 09, 2012

just when i start feeling sorry for myself...

lately, i have been feeling sorry for myself...slicing off a teeny tiny bit of my finger, which still hurts, the 49 pound loss i need to have happen real soon, my g.e.r.d. diagnosis, and the fact that i will be turning 55 soon...has put a real dampener on my mood.

so, i feel like i am walking around like this...
but then, i read this...
in the star-telegram.

shame on me.

you have to read the article. he is a true inspiration. he has had to teach himself to walk 10 times because of his multiple sclerosis diagnosis. he has completed 50 by 50 challenge run, which is to run 50 marathons, one in each of the 50 states by the time one is 50. 

what a feat.

when i feel at a loss, i will think of this man and buck up. after all, my finger will heal, my g.e.r.d. will probably disappear with the 49, very much doable, weight loss, and according to the baby boomers, 55 is the new 40 (whatevs).

so stop feeling sorry for yourself, ann...seriously.

stop it.


  1. WE NEED TO PLAN A SISTER GETAWAY! TORONTO! COSTA RICA! BERSKSHIRES SPA! NOW!!!!!! And I totally failed the 100 days when I bought earrings from Stella and Dot!

  2. i would love one...will consider it very seriously