February 10, 2012

wow...where did january go

so much for new year's resolutions.
it is almost valentine's day.
can you see it? look very closely.
it is almost like those pictures within a picture where you had to stare at it and another image showed up? i totally could not see the image...ever. so, this is the same...sorta'. look veeeeerrrrrry closely. see it?

it's my car where someone drew a heart on my dirty car. awwwwwwww.
and look what else i found in my dirty car...
you know what this means, right?
that's right...i need to clean my car (heh heh).
just kidding.

every where you look, there is a little reminder that valentine's day is just around the corner.

i asked for ceiling fans for our new-in-the-making patio covering. and, for date night, we are going to see 'a separation'. how romantic is that?
of course it figures, because right after husband scott proposed to me, over 30 years ago, we went to the movies and saw 'kramer vs kramer'.

nothing says romance more than movies about getting a divorce, right?

how are you celebrating?

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