April 30, 2012


it's monday and i don't care. i am still feeling the after glow. son jason & his girlfriend lauren came up for the weekend. lauren has wanted to go to fossil rim and this was her first weekend off from work. i found out thursday (with a btw text), and cleaned the house like a mad woman so everything would be ready for friday night when they came in. i thought they were going to go off to the rim, by themselves, but they invited us and we had the best time.
most of the animals came up to the car to be fed their special food pellets. as always, we looked for the elusive prairie chickens, only to find out that they are kept in a separate area away from the driving path. every time we've gone, we have looked for them and never read that they are kept in an intensive management area. even so, i kept my eyes peeled. we also enjoyed rehashing all the good times we have had in the past there.
like the time my mom was panicking and screaming when the ostrich came close to the window on her side of the car. my mom is terrified of birds...all birds and we all know that. my sister, who was in control of the windows, locked my mother's window so she couldn't roll it up and mom started screaming (we are so mean...never let us know your weakness cuz we will pounce). niece eva was a very little girl at the time, and so she started crying which made my sister unlock the window so our mom could roll up her window. son jason still remembers this and that eva had said, "that is a very bad bird." and my mom said, "yes, eva, a very bad bird." i wonder what mom would have said to this...
also, lauren was so excited about the giraffes and we couldn't get the giraffes to come over, but then...

and the next day we went to the aia tour of homes. i LOVE going inside other people's houses so much! anyone's home...it doesn't matter. and these homes were spectacular. no photos because it wasn't allowed. i thought about sneaking, but since my son was there, i felt the need to lead by example and follow the rules.


i caught up on my blogs that i hadn't read since thursday (because i was madly cleaning) and saw that a chow life linked me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i nearly dropped my ipad.

why does this make me so happy? i don't know why, but i was super psyched!

so even though i have this...
that is an allergy blister in my eye. a blister!! it looks way better in the photo than it really is... really.

does that mean my skin and eyebrows look equally worser (i know that worser is not a word) in real life? i hope not (sigh)

still happy though...still feeling the after glow.

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