August 07, 2013

soooooo...what have i been doing up to now?

besides remodeling, overeating & binge tv-ing?

i am pretty consistent with instagram. it's easy.

i'm anabananaski.

anamanzana was taken as well as anabanana and annsky which my brother used to call me, so i combined them.

catch up time, since november 2012...

december = los angeles

business trip for husband scott

playtime for me.

december = christmas (duh)

and the chihuly exhibit.

january = israel

first time ever.

want to go back.

february = reno

niece's wedding.

skiing in tahoe.

visit with family...husband's side.

march = easter

april = wedding

daughter michelle came home (yea!)

to photograph an engagement and a wedding.

may = arkansas

to see nephew graduate from high school

to celebrate nephew's brother's engagement (the older nephew)

and to take photos of a cute little niece

june = new jersey

to see niece graduate from high school

who started the week with:

monday - prom
tuesday - we flew in
wednesday - graduation
wednesday night - all night graduation party
thursday - prep for...
friday - another graduation party
saturday - train into ny
sunday - back home for 18th birthday party


july = arkansas

drove with mom, niece & nephew to arkansas

ropes course



digging for diamonds (none to be found)

and, now i am caught up.

looking back, i realize i have had some fun this year.

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