August 01, 2013

wow...what happened?

i haven't posted anything since november of last year! and this year is more than half way through.

what have i been doing? admittedly, i have been basically lazy. i got netflix and have been tv series binging. seriously, this is bad. when i read a good book, nothing gets done until i am finished with it, and this is what i am doing now with tv shows...TV SHOWS!

that's embarrassing. i am ashamed, yet, i cannot stop. i've watched 'orange is the new black'. soooooo very good. and 'the killing' and, linden is like an itty bitty jessica chaistain (okay, not so itty bitty...just looked up her height...she's 2 inches taller than linden). and now, i'm watching 'house of cards'.

dang it! this is addicting.

imdb is my bff.

it's sad.

at least with reading a book, i felt all literarily and intellectually stimulated. now?

not so much.

i need to straighten out. i have given myself the month of august to get some stuff done.


plus, i feel out of sorts with no google reader. i've got to figure out this 'feedly' app.

more, later...promise.

just as soon as i find out what francis has up his sleeve.

i know what a general has up his sleevies...his armies.

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