September 17, 2013

i thought this was funny

we are in the middle of a change up in the house. i wanted a bigger dining room to hold a bigger dining table, so the original dining room became the study and the family room will become the dining room, and the living room will become the family room (as in the room with the tv in it).

to convince husband scott that this was a great idea, i told him that when the dining room wasn't in use, he could use it as a ping pong table room...or table tennis (sniff) room.

the ploy worked.

so...i am looking at different online sites for a ping pong table top that one puts on a table. most of them are used on top of a pool table, but ours will go on a dining room table.

so it is just a top.

no legs.

here is the description...

Tired of billiards? Try table tennis! The Ping Pong® Duo table tennis conversion top is designed to fit 7' and 8' billiard tables. Side stripes ensure proper alignment, while the sponge rubber strips protect rails and hold the top firmly in place.

and, i came across this customer review...

By Neo
from Westwood MA
Comments about Ping Pong® Stiga Duo Table Tennis Conversion Top:
I cannot believe this table doesn't come with legs, how are we suppose to use???? Put down on the floor and get on our knees??? IT DOESN'T NOT COME WITH LEGS, DO NOT GET FOOLED. Shipping: That is another great story, it took them 5 weeks to deliver it, it was suppose to be a Christmas gift but didn't make it until 2 days ago. Homedirect shipping company, I think you should be using better company like ups or fedex, I wonder why I never heard of HD (what a joke).


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