July 08, 2010

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Lobster. We didn’t eat it all the time. Even though it is cheaper in Maine, it still was expensive. Plus, I had to try other kinds of food. We had a lobster roll at Reds Eat’s in Wiscasset and it was good. It had the whole lobster in it and it came with a choice of clarified butter or mayonnaise on the side. We asked which choice was better and she recommended both. The clarified butter for dipping the lobster until there was just enough left for the bread and then putting mayo on the bread for the sandwich. That was the perfect way to eat it. My only criticism was that the lobster was chilled. It could be because we ate around 8:00pm. Most restaurants in the smaller towns closed at 8:00pm so maybe Reds starts storing the lobster in the frig for the late night eaters. The lobster stand closed at 11:00pm. So, on a rainy day, the chilled lobster isn’t as good as it could be. 

The above photo is the basic lobster meal at Ken’s Kove in Bridgton. It has only 3 tables and almost everybody calls in their order and takes it out. We stayed in. You get a a lobster and slaw and fries with clarified butter for $12.99. Not bad, hunh? It was really good. We had a choice of hard or soft shell. Husband Scott asked what the difference was and all he heard was the hard shell had more meat and that’s what he wanted. I would have liked to taste the soft shell because it is supposed to be sweeter, but more meat always wins out. We shared the lobster which was better. I had plenty. 

Another popular item on the menu was steamers. We could have gone back for more another day, but it was 4th of July weekend and they were overwhelmed with orders. They kept them on a bulletin board behind the cash register and it was several rows long and several layers thick with orders. So, if you go to Bridgton, try the steamers, too.

We also had lunch, in Bridgton,  at Tom’s Homestead and I had really good mushroom soup and fresh spinach salad. The spinach was picked from their garden that morning. Can’t get fresher than that.

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