July 08, 2010

While in Bar Harbor, we had breakfast at Morning Glory and pre-ordered sandwiches to eat in Acadia National Park. This one is mine - chicken curry salad with lettuce and cucumbers. It was really good. Husband Scott had the tuna salad and it was good and different from what I make. It had capers and pickles. It had a nice salty taste. Now you know why the seagull wasn’t happy about not getting a taste. Also, for breakfast, I had a date scone from Morning Glory. It was the best scone I have ever eaten. It was so flaky. That was one that I inhaled before realizing that I should have photographed it before it was all gone.

There were several good restaurants in Bar Harbor. I strongly recommend Morning Glory and for ice cream, the best was MDI Ice Cream. I had orange chocolate and salted caramel. If you only have one flavor, it must be the salted caramel. So very very good. Maggie’s and McKays was also good for dinner. I wanted to try Atlantic Brewing Company’s barbecue place called Mainely Meat Barbecue, but husband Scott, after eating barbecue all the time, said he didn’t want it because he gets indigestion. Really? Why do you eat it all the time then?

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