July 08, 2010

okay…now for the whoopie pies. What I read was that Wicked Whoopie Pies are the best. So, while in Freeport, I got a chocolate mint, a classic and a gingerbread one. I shared each one with husband Scott so that I wouldn’t eat too much…then I noticed the Nutrition Facts on the back. See what it says? Serving size is half a cake. Half! Really? Half of a whoopie pie has 370 calories AND 21 grams of fat!!! You know how many Weight Watcher points half a whoopie pie equals? Nine!!! I am allowed only 18 Weight Watcher points a day. If I were to eat a whole whoopie pie……….Thank goodness they were too rich to eat too many. The gingerbread one was really good. I did NOT bring any home.

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