August 17, 2010

and of course my ipad. it makes me feel cool to own one AND know how to use it. actually, it is too cool for me, but i have it anyway (ha ha…ha ha ha). see the cover for it? it’s from byrd and belle at it is made out of a heavy felt and leather trim. and, see that snap closure? on the inside of the cover the metal part is covered with felt so it won’t scratch my ipad. it is so nice and so very very well made.

so… that is what makes work pleasant for me…to have my favorite things on my desk. oh! and of course the great people in the office, too.

where are my photos? i am needing some updated ones from my favorite photographer at (hint hint…sure would like a mini photo session of jason and scott). so if anyone is out there reading, what makes your desk a happy desk?

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