August 16, 2010


scene: at the butchers in Central Market

butcher: may I help you?

girl in her 20’s with 2 small boys (hopefully her nephews): I would like some hamburger

b: how much?

g: enough for 2 adults and these 2 boys. which hamburger do you recommend for hamburgers?

b: this one

g: how long do you grill it?

b: till it’s almost done, but don’t over cook because it will dry out since it is lean.

g: what can I do to make it not dry out?

b says something, but I don’t hear it because it is still early in the 21 questions game.

g: maybe I should get some chuck mixed in with it?

g: can you grill on the grill or on a George Forman grill?

g: can you mix the to hamburger meats together for me?

b says to me, as he goes to the back to mix the meat together: I will be with you in a minute.

me, trying very very hard to be patient, smiles

girl to butcher when he comes back: what buns do you recommend? which brand do you prefer? is there one brand that is better than another?

g: what kind of cheese goes with beef? what do you prefer? cheddar cheese okay?

me silently thinking and imploding inside: OMG!

girl still asking questions when another butcher comes and helps me.

2nd butcher: may I help you?

me: 3/4 lb of extra lean ground beef, please

2nd b: anything else?

me: no, thank you

girl still asking questions about making hamburgers as I leave to get the salmon.

I kinda want to see what the hamburgers are going to look like when she serves them to the boys.

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