August 17, 2010

lunchbox filled with goodies: yogurt (fage is sooooooo good), fresh fruit, and this really cute ‘bento’ box. i got it from a place called rock paper scissors in wiscasset, maine. i need to look and see if it has a website…later…after this post. i mean, look at it! anything i pack in it tastes better. what is in it today? fresh blueberries for my yogurt, crackers and peanut butter. these crackers are not your ordinary saltines. these are from annie’s. this company makes organic saltines shaped like bunnies, hearts, x’s & o’s. they also make cheese bunnies like goldfish who are just as cute…the goldfish i mean, and bunny shaped graham crackers, chocolate cookies and chocolate chip cookies like teddy graham size. okay teddy grahams are cute, too, but bunnies? adorable!

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