August 17, 2010

work - i work for my husband scott part time (20 hours/wk). it’s not hard. i do it to help him out, so it isn’t like i majored in finance (opposite - i majored in biology) or anything. so, don’t ask me how the market is doing or how will it end for the year (i don’t know). it is just a job. i do envy people, sometimes, who are working their dream job, but i’m part time and the boss and i take vacations together and i usually get my way when i ask for time off, but it’s just a job.

so, what makes it pleasant (excluding, of course, that i am SURROUNDED by nice people…had to say that…i mean…i work for my husband AND brother-in-law, right?)?

well, what makes it better is starbucks…daily…

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