August 23, 2010


I am so hot and miserable. There were 2 women in the grocery store today, looking cool as a cucumber in their sleek short dresses on their sleek thin bodies, minimal jewelry except the 20 karats on their left hand. I looked like a fat slob.

and…I realized that if I had started a sensible diet in January and lost just 5lbs a month (that’s just over a 1lb a week), I would be 40(!) pounds lighter!

so…I was talking to a pal at work who has started the HCG diet. I am going to try it, too…for 21 days. I think I should be able to do that, although I thoroughly bombed the Master Cleans. It looks a lot like the old grapefruit diet, but supposedly I will not be hungry and all the fat will just melt away…although I think that today all I would have to do is stay outside in the 111 degree weather…that surely would melt the fat (sigh).

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