September 07, 2010

i sometimes get accused of being a little negative on my posts……or maybe i complain a little too much…..okay……i complain a lot. isn’t that what blogging or writing in a diary is all about? you know…..”dear diary, you will not believe what so and so said to me…..”
anyway, today i am going to say how lucky i am to be blessed with a wonderful family. today, i went out to walk & didn’t take my cell phone. well… the storm sirens went off and my darling daughter michelle tried to call me & she heard my cell phone ringing in the house so…she went out to look for me in the rain. unfortunately, my walking partner and decided it was raining too much and went to starbucks instead so we didn’t hear the sirens. we were safe, but michelle didn’t know that. i was touched.
sister laura sent via mom this little mushroom for me. it’s just a little thing she picked up that made her think of me. no other reason. not my birthday or anything. so i propped it up on my sewing machine as a pin cushion and it makes me smile as i continue to sew 150 napkins for the wedding.
speaking of napkins, husband scott gave me the day off to sew and now i have 20 napkins left (yay!)
lucky lucky me!

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