January 29, 2011

just got home from a high school basketball game. so many mixed feelings. it was at billingsley, so i had to go through the metal detector and have my purse searched more thoroughly than i thought it needed, but because there was no line to get in…she searched EVERYTHING. don’t really miss that. and i bought popcorn and a dr pepper for $4.50 which seems high, not movie theatre high, but higher than i ever charged at our basketball games. i do miss working the concession stand (sigh).

anyway, what brought me to the basketball game? this morning, husband scott showed me a newspaper article on coach carter dunbar who used to coach son jason in select basketball during the off season of high school. he, carter,  was still in college and he LOVED basketball. he is now coaching not a very good team - northside - which has had something like a 60+ losing streak and won only 2 games in district, due to forfeits before carter took over. 

carter is so good! i love watching a smart coach with plays. his team has won 10 games for far in the season. it’s no playoff year, but he took a team and taught them the fundamentals and conditioned and ran them and then taught them plays and it works. 

mark my words here, coach carter dunbar has a bright future in coaching basketball. i do not doubt that he will eventually coach a college team (tcu sure could use him now…heh heh…sorry tcu, you have had some bad luck recently in basketball). 

i took 2 very blurry photos of the game, but it is so dark and my little point and shoot can’t manage that, so here is a photo of the popcorn and dp - finished. $4.50…really?

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