February 02, 2011

today is the second day of the big chill and it is colder today than yesterday. i went to work today but have decided that it has to get above freezing before i do THAT again. i have turned into a scaredy-cat driving when it comes to driving on patches of ice. my theory to driving the route i did today is if i go downtown by way of tcu where the steelers are practicing and they have to come from downtown to tcu, then the roads from tcu to downtown would be clear, right? i mean if jerry jones wants his stadium used again for the 50th anniversary of super bowl…there would be perks like clearing roads to help out the teams for the super bowl. well…i was wrong. it was way too icy for me. maybe the city is has come up with some super transportation for the team and it has no problem with ice. i had problems with the ice, though. so, if the temperature does not go above freezing tomorrow, i am going to stay right here…at home…reading under a blanket…and drinking hot cocoa! i bought the last carton of horizon 2% at the grocery store, too (i normally buy 1%, but they were out). if the milk trucks can’t make it, neither can i. (brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

green bay and pittsburgh are probably laughing their heads off right now. a little ol’ ice storm and the whole city shuts down.

today is groundhog’s day and there was absolutely no sunshine, so we will not be having 6 more weeks of winter of this kind of winter. in fact, i kept checking my clock when i woke up, because it was so dark this morning.

p s this photo was taken yesterday when there was sunshine. it’s a little off because it was so bright, i little bit had my eyes closed when i went out really fast to take the photo.

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