February 10, 2011

here is a new entry for thursdays on this blog. i am going to call it THINGS I SHOULD HAVE TAUGHT MY CHILDREN BUT DIDN’T THURSDAY.

i am going to start by talking about my dad. my dad is a retired mechanical engineer. in my mind an engineer must be exact and precise which describes my dad to a T. he likes things neat, in their place and precisely put in their place. while growing up with him, he had a lot of rules which weren’t particularly bad…really.

anyhoo, one of them was “don’t put potato peelings down the garbage disposal, it gums it up”, which i never did (put the peelings in the disposal) because he told me not to do that. now, i never gave it another thought after i was out of the house. i mean, i still didn’t put them down the sink in the garbage disposal and i made sure that husband scott knew not to do it, too. what i mean by not giving it another thought was that i always thought it was a dad-ism, not so much a general knowledge people should know, until….

i read or saw somewhere (and i looked all over the internet for this) that julia child had a sign posted over her sink in her famous kitchen (which has been installed in the smithsonian) which says “no potato peelings in the sink.”

dad has just been validated…not that he needs validation, but none the less…

so, daughter michelle and son jason here is a THING I SHOULD HAVE TAUGHT YOU BUT DIDN’T for this thursday:

don’t put potato peelings in the garbage disposal. it will gum it up!

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