February 11, 2011

uh oh…what is this? i’m not ready.

you know what this means? no more control top opaque stockings, no more thick woolen sweaters, no more over-sized flannel shirts, no more hot chocolate every evening by the fire with a wool blanket and a furry cat on your lap. aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh

i’m not ready. i have been a sloth/slug (your pick) for way too long.

now i must go back to weight watchers, go back to the gym, go back to walking (daily not haphazardly) and actually go to yoga where i have scheduled stuff around its time, but haven’t actually signed up for any classes.

i’m going to check weather.com to see if we have any more snow or ice in the future…

what?!!! 57, 68 and 71 degrees! i know i should be happy because it’s going to be nice, but can i continue to wear my opaque control top stockings until…july?

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