February 11, 2011

just got through reading all my blogs, emails and facebook - things i love to do and i will do as a great procrastination tool when i should be doing something else. i love reading the blogs that i have set up in rss feed system. i wonder if there is some way on tumblr to put down what is called a blog roll (a new term i just picked up). if i could do that and IF (a great big IF) anyone were to read my blog, they could click on my blog roll and see the truly great blogs i follow. seriously, there are some really really good ones out there. sometimes i am truly disappointed when i open up reader and find one of my favorites hasn’t post anything.

anyway…i am still procrastinating as you can see, rambling on about nothing and taking photos of my cat.

see? doesn’t she have a pretty face? (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… adorable!)

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