February 14, 2011

i am in the middle of changing my blog site…actually daughter michelle has set the whole thing up for me and i haven’t yet figured out how to enter in the blogs, and i couldn’t let valentine’s day go by without something…

especially with all the blogs inputting such cute valentine-y stuff.

husband scott took me out for a really nice valentine’s lunch which is really a nice alternative to valentine’s dinner. no crowds. no lines. we just walked out of the office building downtown and voila! lots of restaurants. i didn’t take my camera. so…

instead, here is a photo of my hot pink fingernails painted just for valentine’s day. i know, i know, they don’t look hot pink thanks to waiting till the evening when all natural light is gone and using lamplight (am afraid to spell incandescent…oh wait…i just did!) for the photo.

just got my whole living magazine and will be reading all about the 25 ways to get unstuck and find your (my) happy place in the happiness issue of martha stewart’s magazine.

i will let you know all the secrets to happiness…as soon as i read them.

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