February 18, 2011

i have been in a funk all week. no really good reason, just been down and it cumulated with me having to hike up my skirt so it would fit around my waist…don’t know what i am talking about? it’s when your skirt is too tight around the your waist if you were to put it at your belly button or slightly lower. so…you raise the waistline to above your belly button so it will zip up (sigh). you are probably saying as you read this, why didn’t i put on a different skirt which is a perfectly good response. i would have replied - because i was at the gym, showering & dressing after my workout and going straight to work!

and i forgot to blog on thursday my ‘things i never taught my children but should have’.

and i am switching over to a new site for my blog which daughter michelle fixed up so nicely for me and i haven’t had the energy to try to blog on it, yet.

so…then, i was reading all my favorite blogs and came across one of my newest favorite one which you can click on the photo to see it. i strongly recommend you look it over. she is AMAZING and very talented. the photo is of her crocheted hangers which i want so very badly. so pretty. i had commented about them, wanting to know how they were made and SHE EDITED HER BLOG ENTRY, providing instructions! wow! so neat!

she validated me in a huge way. it really can turn a person around.

then sister laura called me and it made for a perfect friday (yea).

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