February 24, 2011

Flash Mob

i saw this on - http://poppytalk.blogspot.com – a really great blog (must. get. blog. roll. started. on. this. site…in case anyone should start to read it. as usual for me and the flash mobs, it made me cry with feel goodness. i am a total sap to things like that. a friend of mine posted on facebook the first flash mob i had ever seen where it was in a train station and the song was ‘do re mi’ from thesound of music. i watched it over and over and over again. it just made me smile. it’s like random acts of kindness. this one, however, is even better because it has a real message to it. with the trevor project, anti-bullying campaigns are getting more publicity – as it should. i remember how, one time, where i was part of a small group laughing at someone which could be considered bullying and i am really sorry and ashamed of doing that. i was either elementary or middle school age…i don’t remember, but i do remember how bad i felt later. there was a boy that sometimes picked on others in my son’s class in elementary school and my son said that he didn’t like him. i told him that he should still be nice to him since i knew he had 2 older brothers and he probably got picked on by them himself. i am especially proud that in our city of fort worth we have joel burns as a councilman. he made a very poignant speech which is also on youtube, which i am not sure if i can post more than one video on this post (newb! and tech idiot = me), so here is the url (edit note: i did it!):

he is up for re-election this year and you can bet he has my vote. anyone who is out there, and happens on this post that lives in fort worth, and is registered to vote, please seriously consider voting for joel burns. well…hmmmmmm… i don’t remember where i was going with this. i guess it would be that bullying = bad and flash mobbing = good. yea to flash mobbing!

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