March 21, 2011

bone tired

i was going to post about dieting and getting ready for spring and summer, being that the first day of spring was yesterday and although i have set my clocks to spring forward the weekend before, i have yet to spring forward and take the diet plunge. i have been packing in the pounds and i need to post a before and after photo of me on this post to commit myself to it. there is even a category on this blog called 'me - a disappearing act' that i cannot use, yet.

but, i am bone tired. spent the whole weekend and all day to day with husband scott taking up all the sod to create some new planting beds for our landscaping project. we are doing it ourselves and i think we have gotten too old for all the physical labor. we got one quote (too high) and one refusal (we didn't want to get rid of 2 trees...although we are talking about getting rid of on of them), so we decided to do it ourselves. between 3 back surgeries and 2 knee surgeries each knee (all this is husband scott) and fat, overweight and sluggish me, i am pretty proud of ourselves. we have completely scalped up the grass and will be composting and mulching next.

then, come borders, a flagstone footpath, one raised bed, sprinkler system update, awning over the patio and we haven't gotten to planting......too tired to think about it anymore today.

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