March 22, 2011

mean little post

so...this is the time that i wish that i had the great apathy lounge prose. this is going to be a mean and catty post, so stop reading right now if you think i am a nice person because i am not and those who think i am nice, i want them to continue to think that. so stop....don't read anymore. read something fun and cheerful like oh joy!

so now...conundrum: do you seek revenge or do you just suck it up and do what is best for you?

i had a pretty good day a point.

work was okay, then off to workout with the best and nicest person in the world, kelly, my friend, then a pretend wipe off of the sweat and straight to the museum to hear a lecture with another good friend, ingrid, then straight to my mom and dad's to help my dad wash the top of his car and lastly, to the grocery store to pick up some stuff for dinner. pretty nice, hunh? got to spend some time with friends and parents. nice.

then, a comment...asking me if i really was out and about with my shirt unbuttoned, showing my big fat stomach. if so (and i didn't, the button unbuttoned itself when i was unloading my car...most likely), that was pretty disgusting.

so what would you do? seek revenge or just suck it up? i, personally, wanted to get even with an even bigger, grotesque-r stomach, but what would THAT do? i mean, do i really want to pack on more pounds when i really want to take them off (hence the workout today)? but...if i start a diet, watch what i eat, exercise and start to losing the poundage, would that give that person the satisfaction of saying that that person was right, since that person would consider it the push to get serious about dieting?

i don't want that person to get that satisfaction.

so what would you do?              get even?
(biscuits with chocolate gravy...a mountain view, arkansas breakfast item)

i chose to ignore that person and not talk to that person for the rest of the day.

and another thing, i stumbled across this blog... amid privilege

is she serious? i read her post about buying steve madden shoes, a first for her since all she wears are ferragamos...and the dilution of automatic admittance to harvard when one has 'pull'. i am soooooo hoping that she is writing with her tongue firmly planted in her cheek, but i have a feeling she is writing, instead, with a stick firmly stuck up her............ (meow)

there is a skit on SNL - ooooooooooo weeeeeeeeeeeeee! what up w' dat?

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