March 14, 2011

hope this isn't ooooky

i have not blogged lately. haven't really felt like it. it's hard to do when i don't know what to say about what has happened to japan. i feel that i should do or say something to see if i can help.
when i was watching footage on the news, the scariest part was watching the tsunami just sweep over everything, uprooting houses as if the houses were not anchored down at all. i don't know how high it was compared to the one in thailand. how anyone survived is a miracle. i hope people are reaching out and helping. i hope to donate to red cross and hope that it helps in a very small way.

in the meantime, i needed a distraction and this is where the ooookiness comes in. daughter michelle's last issues of teen vogue still come to the house as well as son jason's men's health. i don't really read them, but i do flip through it and see if anything catches my eye.

well, in teen vogue, april's issue - the prom issue (which i am totally not needing any information on), there was a spread on prom dresses. the models are being photographed with some of the glee guys. i must confess that i LOVE glee. i love broadway tunes in particular. so, one of the guys is darren criss and the article mentions that he was in a very potter musical. i don't know if i should continue.............i am starting to sound really really stupid, but i also LOVE harry potter. so, naturally, i youtubed the musical and up came another youtube video of this darren criss playing 'part of your world'. at first i thought it was just a regular song. it never occurred to me he was singing a song from the little mermaid. it made me smile.

i hope it isn't oooky to blog about, but it did make me smile and it brought back memories of michelle and i singing this song as loud as we could when she was little.

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