March 03, 2011

things i should have taught my children, but didn't

now this post should really be called "my children know better, but apparently some people don't know this". here it is:

wash reds separately from the rest of the wash.

if anyone is reading this, you are probably saying right now, "durh". son jason owns a pair of boxer shorts that are very very light pink and when he wore them in the locker room, the rest of the basketball team would say, "looks like your mom washed them with something red." and jason would say that they came that way (and they did), and the guys would say, "uh hunh, sure they did".

so you see, even your average basketball team knows what happens when something red gets mixed in with the rest of the non-red wash.

i have even washed a load of whites, AFTER a load of reds had been washed and the load comes out pink. so, i always do a rinse/spin cycle before i put in another load after washing the reds - that would be a thing i haven't taught my children.

so, don't you think that everyone knows not to put other colors in with your reds? (and sometimes pinks and purples)

apparently not.

husband scott put his green shirt into my reds and purples pile...why? to match my ugly wallpaper? 

it's a mystery to me.

so, things that i should have taught my children, but didn't:

if you wash a load of reds and are going to follow with a load of whites, rinse and spin between the 2 loads.

and, things husbands don't know, but should:

reds are washed separately from the rest of the colors!!!

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  1. I don't even think either of us own anything red...that's weird.