March 31, 2011

things i should have taught my children, but didn't

wow! did i really let a whole week go by without posting? i posted so many things in my head, but didn't put them down in writing. so my m o.
i always have all these plans in my mind and then i fritter it all away, doing other stuff (reading other people's blogs, facebook, sudoku, tv). right now, all i can think about is how delicious a nap would be right now.

but first a post.

this is something that i got from do it delicious, a blog by jessica seinfeld. i don't remember how she got added to my blog roll any more than i can remember how GOOP got added. however, i like do it delicious because there are some really good basic things that i never knew and i should have taught my children them. although, how can one teach one's children something one does not know? on this link about calibrating the cooking thermometer. this is a great idea. it may be something that others know all about, but i didn't. i use one for meat all the time. sometimes, i would forget what temperature chicken and pork should be when done. i, now, have a thermometer that labels the temperature with 'chicken' and 'pork' like my candy thermometer label 'soft ball' (not the sport).

so, children, here is something i should have taught you, but didn't (of course, i just learned how myself).

i will be calibrating my cooking thermometers...after a leetle nap.

p s here is a sidebar. go to my daughter's blog and watch her posted video of her time in sxsw. it will make you smile. it made me smile. i am totally envious of people who can do this (make a video not have fun...although, i am envious of people who are having fun without me).

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  1. I blog in my head everyday. It's rare my fingers actually hit the keys these days. Don't feel bad! I think the thermometer idea is brilliant. It's really quite amazing how our ovens run at different temperatures, isn't it?

    Thanks for posting!