April 05, 2011

a very very long post

i have hit rock bottom (get it? from felix the cat? yes...i am that old).

anyway, i had lost 50lbs by the beginning of 2010 and have very quickly put it back on. congratulations, i now weigh more than i did when i was about to deliver my 9lb 5oz baby boy, who turned 22 in february, so i can't quite say it's still 'baby fat'. 

this same son posted very recently the following video on facebook:

it is totally inspirational. on his blog bendoeslife.com,  ben davis lists a few points about what needs to be done to 'do life.' 

- tell people - make youself more accountable (check - i told the starbucks people, who know my name as in 'hi ann, grande latte with 1 raw sugar & a zucchini muffin?' no thank you, i am on weight watchers, so i will take a venti iced green tea, no sweetener, please). 

- don't fall for gimmicky inspiration - although his own video gets you started, you have to find your own reason to lose weight (check - you will see my inspiration of what i don't want to look like anymore, if you can stomach it. can't quite show it, yet).
- you're going to miss a workout - same goes with eating, but what is important that you don't let it cause you to back slide. start right back up, not next week or next monday. (this will be harder)
- get involved in something organized - join a group (check - i will be starting back to weight watchers)
- just do it - you know like nike (again harder to do)
what wasn't listed is knowing your weakness. mine is that i won't do this all by myself. to diet, i need weight watchers to weigh in and get clapped. i need the claps. i workout in the gym with my good friend, kelly, a personal trainer twice a week and i have my walking buddy, ingrid, to walk for an hour twice a week. 
what else i am going to do is join a yoga group and that will be hard. there is no yoga in our area that has a class in the earlier afternoon except bikram yoga and i am not sure i am up to it. most classes are until noon and then start back up at 4:30pm and once i get home...i don't like leave. 
now ben does life posts his before photo...and i am not quite ready nor am i ready to post my before weight. maybe down the line (i did take photos and i am honestly amazed that i show up in the gym, looking like this, and then run to the grocery store, but i do. i am hoping that it is true that the camera puts on more pounds. please say that it's true).
so..................if anyone is out there and hears me, laurie just got me to ask her to marry me (kidding! just saw oklahoma! last week at tcu - so much fun). what i was really going to say is:
if anyone is out there reading this blog, i have started and i am making a change.
and 5 weeks from today, i turn 54 years old. that is my first goal - to be 10lbs lighter by my birthday, which is completely doable. unfortunately, we are going to a wedding, in florida, where we will be spending time at the beach. i say unfortunately because it would be nice to get this:
i LOVE this!


  1. You can do it, Mom! If you want, you can report to me every week to help your accountability :)

    I'm going to try to start running with Mallory Mon, Wed, Fri at 7am at the Timbo school track. So there is my accountability!

    PS I just watched Oklahoma! last week I think. Dru didn't like it so much.

  2. wha'! how can he not like it?!! it's almost unconstitutional.

    i'm so glad you have a jogging partner. yea! and wow, 7:00 in the morning...that's a challenge, but since you have adopted dru's sleeping habits, you will do fine. i will let you know my progress via blogspot.

    lots o' love,