May 02, 2011

ann - a disappearing act

well this is my first update since i started back on (i wish it was never a 'back on' that means i have slipped up) weight watchers. i am still reluctant to show a before photo. i think i will have to wait until i am further a way from the photo to do it. i, seriously, don't know how does it. he posts his before photo and it gets a lot of hits. i have practically no one reading this blog and still can't do that.

i am taking my photo every 2 weeks. the first one on april 6th, but then i have switched to every other monday because i am working out in the gym with kelly on mondays and thursdays. i just figured out that i have been on weight watchers for almost 4 feels way way way way longer than that. crazy!

so, i have lost a total of 12.2lbs. that even includes the week where for 7 days i went down a half pound, up a half pound, down a half pound and ended the week the same weight i was at the beginning. so, not bad. i thought i was losing so very slowly...this is why one really shouldn't weigh oneself everyday. i have averaged about 3lbs per week which is good. the goal is to average 1 to 2lbs per week according to all healthy weight loss guides, but that is much to slow for one who is going to be in florida in two weeks. i have to pack a swimsuit. i am not even close to being comfortable in a swim suit. luckily, i will be wearing it among strangers that i will never have to see again.

speaking of ben in bendoeslife, one of his posts talked about the day he could see his veins in his arms. being overweight (he has lost 120lbs!), he never saw his veins stick out, so it was like a big deal. i was born with ginormous veins, so for me this is a moot issue.

what do i want?

carrie underwood knees.

is that too much to ask? granted at 54, mine will be more wrinkly, but do you think i could get those? i remember when i was getting a workout to use at the Y from a trainer many many many years ago, and he asked me, "what would you like to get out of your workout?" i told him i would love to those heart shaped calves that some people have. and he looked at my calves and said, "you know some of that is genetics....."

does that mean i can't have heart shaped calves? yes, yes it does, but maybe i can have carrie underwood knees. i am working out and look...
after my workout. can you see it?

look really hard.

i have sweat marks on my knee!

i am well on my way...hopefully (sigh)

p s photo from

carrie underwood's, not mine...i don't think people magazine would pay for my knee photo, right?


  1. I hear you on the low readership front. I can only get your blog from home. For some reason, I can't access it from work computers. And that's where i am most of the time.

    Also, I'm endeavoring to lose 10 pounds. It's harder than losing my pregnancy weight! We'll see how it goes. Call me if you get weak and I"ll do the same.

  2. i cannot get any blogs on my work computer...wha'!
    i would not get a lot done at work, if i could not read my favorite blogs which includes yours.
    i will call on you to keep me from caving.

  3. Your sister5/3/11, 1:29 PM

    Annie! I read your blog. AND I comment and you never comment back. I am going to start commenting everyday. I have been doing Ellie Krieger recipes and Live Strong app on my Iphone for 2 weeks. My weight loss is WAY slower than yours so you should be very very proud of yourself. I am!!!

  4. thank you so much. i do reply to your comments...maybe i just don't know how to make them stick...or something. i will have to look up your ellie krieger recipes & sadly, wait on the livestrong app being that i haven't got an iphone.........yet.

  5. Your sister5/4/11, 9:33 PM

    OK. Must admit. I am thinking your blog is like Facebook and you will get notification that I commented. Not! Now I know to look back and check to see you are still listening. BTW. Shitty day at work. Need encouragement that I am the BEST HOSPICE NURSE ON THE PLANET cuz my boss never remembers to tell me. PS Ellie Krieger salad tonight gobbled by one and all.

  6. some blogs do have a box one can check to get replies, but, like facebook, one gets everyone's comments, too. that can be annoying, except on my blog where there are not a lot of comments. i mean, imagine what my inbox would look like if i were pioneer woman...i would have more email than my inbox could handle!