May 04, 2011


i wonder what place other people dream in. what i mean is, when i dream about a place, nine times out of ten, it takes place in the home on seminole where we moved when i was 5. i lived there until i got married. so now at ALMOST (but not yet) 54, this was a very long time ago.

i dream a lot, probably not any more than others, but i do remember my dreams. husband scott hates to hear about them...okay, maybe not hate...maybe more dislikes hearing about them because they don't make sense to anyone, but me. plus, he is a sensible man and doesn't like things that aren't real. he fell asleep watching harry potter (!) and lord of the rings (!!). i, secretly, think that he doesn't like it because he doesn't remember his dreams. (i sometimes wish that i slept so heavily.)

anyway, last night, i dreamed that my dad came driving home in this weird boxy, yet narrow, truck that kinda' looked like a sigg aluminum box. click on the link...they now have them in color!!! may have to get more.

okay, i dad drives home in a sigg aluminum box truck and spins around at the end of the driveway. i can even see the patch on the driveway that had crumbled slightly. he comes bouncing out, really...almost skipping. he is so happy. the truck was full of men his age and they have come back from some kind of event and they are all wearing these bright yellow t-shirts (which means i dream in color). these guys were his friends - i didn't know who they were.

and he smiles really big and says, "hi ann!"
and i wake up.

do you dream about a particular place over and over again?
my dreams can be completely different, but occur a lot in the house where i grew up.

do your dreams include your children at different ages? mine usually have michelle at the age she is now and jason is always around 2 or 3 years old. sometimes michelle is a toddler, but not often.

i really think that almost all dreams mean something and not just about sex (freud, i'm talking about you).

what does this mean? is it a secret wish that my dad should be really happy, i mean beaming-ly happy? or that i want him to hang out and do stuff with people - his own friends? am i worried?i don't think i am worried about him because when i woke up, i felt happy.

or was dad me, wishing to go out with friends in a yellow t-shirt driving a sigg aluminum truck?

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