May 05, 2011

so pretty, but seriously

today, one of my favorite blogs, oh happy day, posted about bhldn (beholden) which is Anthropologie's new line for weddings. It includes to-die-for wedding dresses and now, to-die-for stuff for a wedding. stuff like this:

when i went to their website, the first thing i zoomed in on was this absolutely beautiful garland...then i looked at the price...then i heaved a sigh of relief, because my one and only favorite daughter got married last november.

but, there are other things that i wish we had access to for her wedding. i LOVE the crinkle fans and they would have been a nice mix with the poms we had hanging in the trees. everything anthropologie touches has such a design style. i really like what they do. i think that anthropologie had a mass of the white fans in some catalogue or an actual store...i don't remember...or was it martha stewart's living magazine...i cannot remember,  but i do remember thinking that a mass of them would look great over a cake table, whether is was for a wedding, a shower or a birthday, my birthday. i may order them for next year, since my birthday is next tuesday (sigh).

there are also the pretty lumiere votives which would have been totally in sync with michelle's wedding. so pretty!

speaking of my one and only favorite daughter michelle who got married last november, her wedding photographer, nessa, featured her in her blog recently and she showed up in style me pretty blog, too. check it out!

and while i am unashamedly promoting everything...check out daughter michelle's website, too. 

seriously, check it out.

i mean it! 

do it!


  1. you are very welcome. you need to be totally promo'ed, my sweet and lovely daughter!