May 23, 2011

just popping in and out

just got back last night from florida. i have decided that i should really give myself an extra day at home after a vacation. after work, working out, running to the grocery store and walking with a friend...i am pooped!
i've started a load of wash and opened all the mail that was delivered after a week and found this:

oops! it's sideways and i need to figure out how to remove that date thingy. not enough time today.
daughter michelle sent this to me for my birthday. it holds my ipod....for now. it will, hopefully, hold an iphone one day. isn't it cute? the etsy website also has the cutest purses. does one call them purses? oh wait...they are called clutches. i want one of those, too, but i want all of them and really should narrow it down to one...maybe.

anyway, with all the stuff i have to do after a week away, this was the nicest thing to have waiting for me. thanks, michelle. i LOVE it!

speaking of a week away, i will start posting about florida this week.

hope you missed me and see you tomorrow!