May 26, 2011

well...where has this week gone?

i haven't gotten to my florida post, yet...too many things have happened this week and pushed it aside. it all started tuesday. tuesday night, we (husband scott, mom & i) decided to take the tre (train) to dallas to see niece eva play in her band concert. normally, we drive, but i was driving on wednesday and didn't want to drive 2 days in a row. sooooo, off on the train we went.
eva is in middle school and i was amazed how well the students played, including beautiful eva.
after the concert, we went over to brother's house (eva's papa) and had dinner. then we rushed out to catch the 8:20pm tre. and as we step out of the house, the storm sirens went off...we decided to go on to the train. we just made it and then we sat there and sat there and sat there...

then came the announcement, that it would be a good idea to evacuate and wait in the tunnel that connects union station to reunion hotel, since there was a tornado/severe thunderstorm/hail watch (yippee).

husband scott kept an eye on the storm for well as keeping up with the storm cells on on his ipad (and showing anyone who wanted to see...or not...what was going on). i must say that mom and i realized what a great family we have. sister laura called from new jersey to make sure that our family in oklahoma was okay. brother john called to see if we got back safe. sister in law mary called saying that she was trying to get us rooms for the night at a hotel, which was virtually impossible with the mavericks playing the next night. the okc thunder got in earlier which was good since oklahoma was getting hit hard. my other paul called twice to offer to drive us home. so nice to know that we are loved.

we ended up back on the train and home by 11:00pm all safe.

then the next day, we had the best day with mom. we celebrated mother's day yesterday and had so much fun!!!! shopping and eating lunch with mom's children (missed you, laura). 
 (taken at chuy's for lunch). i don't know why we don't lunch all together more often.

then went home and watch the mavericks pull out a win last night. YEA! so exciting!!!

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  1. Except for the prospect of a tornado...a wonderful time was clearly had by all.