July 26, 2011

don't feel like cleaning house

so i am posting another post. that's right, another post.

i hate my house. okay, maybe i don't really hate my house. i very very strongly want to do stuff to my house to make me like it again or rather like it waaaaaaaaaay better.

i can't seem to make a move on doing stuff on my house. i wish i had the energy and clear thinking of chez larsson. seriously, how does she do it? she knows exactly what she wants, then she tackles it with such gusto. i am so envious. i think that i have fits and starts because i start out thinking i know exactly how i want a project to look and halfway into it, i think, nope, that's not what i want.

i have no clear direction.

i was reading the wall street journal the other day (yes, i read the wall street journal...okay i just read the 'fluff', as my friend calls it...the wsj has GREAT fluff). anyway, i was reading an article about kelly wearstler who is really cool and, according to the wsj, renown. i must admit that i didn't know who she was  for a while except as one of the judges on the bravo design show with my fave jonathon adler (see you later, decorator) and my other fave tom oldham (just googled him again...when did he decide to be bearded??).

anyway, kelly wearstler is an amazing designer and i could hate her in that wsj also calls her a 'little wisp of a thing'...something i will NEVER be called. the article on her was great and this particular paragraph caught my attention:

I ask a lot of clients what their favorite colors are and they say, "I don't know what I want to live in." I say, "Go in your closet and look at the majority of what color is in there; that's the color you're going to like living in."

here is a portion of my closet and it looks like i have a lot of different colors...more or less... i then, took out all the clothes that i have a lot of the same color in and put them on a rack:
notice a trend here? who owns 4 sweaters in citron yellow on a somewhat limited budget!! who does that? and yet from the early post below, i am considering adding a pair of pants to the closet in the very same color.
i knew that i have a weakness for navy. i have always chosen navy over black most of my life. remember when that perfume 'navy' came out? that was me...i was SO disappointed when i didn't like the smell of 'navy'...so disappointed. 
white is a major color in my dresser, too,  i wear plain hanes white undershirts with everything.

the other prominent color seems to be olive green. my favorite pairing of colors to wear is navy and olive green. i wear that a lot. in fact, this is what i wore friday night to the movies:
olive green shorts (j crew) because it is hot, chambray shirt w/sleeves (gap) rolled up because it is hot and it covers the belly jiggle, navy striped sweater (banana republic) because it is always cold in the movie theatre although by the time i put it on, the sleeves are a little soggy from being wrapped around my waist because it's hot...did i mention, lately, how hot it is here? navy and white clutch (anthropologie) and orangey red polish on nails. the top coat is essie 'escapades', but the bottom coat (which is the exact same color) is opi's 'big hair, something clever'. it was too transparent, even after 3-4 coats. there was something weird about this particular polish...i now have stained fingernails, too...weird.

i also took out the shoes that i had a lot of in the same color, besides the obvious black and browns and, for me, navy, and took a photo:

pink! i had no idea that i was collecting that much pink...except for the barbie pink shoes, the others are pretty much a neutral color. i wear them and the barbie pink ones all. the. time...with everything, especially the sperry's...i need to clean those up.

who'da thunk it?

i digress...so...back to kelly wearstler...

so...first step on figuring out how to like my house again? i think i am going to start with those colors from my closet: citron (or maybe mustard...really like that old brass gold color), white, olive green, with some navy. do i add pink to warm it up or some of the orangey red like the nails? hmmmmmm...it's a start.

but...how do you explain this:

this is the color of the rug i am getting for our bedroom. the plate has the colors i want to incorporate into the bedroom and hopefully, one day very very soon, in our new bathroom that i have dreaming about for the last 15 years. this will go with the citron and olive green combo, but can i add navy to the palette?

kelly wearstler, you little wisp of a thing, do you do pro bono work?


  1. You should have your blog color scheme include citron, navy, olive green, white and pale pink!

    And, yes, you can add navy to the mix!

  2. i'll do it!

    as soon as you come home and show me how.