July 26, 2011

j crew!

got my j crew catalog in the mail yesterday and did my usual cut-out-to-buy list. i do this every time i get a j crew catalog. i don't always buy these items, but i do dream about it. i also have been to known to purchase one item a time as a reward for pounds lost or weeks in a row of exercising. i have posted from time to time my love of things j crew, but have never really done, like many bloggers, a wish list or essential pieces list. i think i don't because i don't want people out there, IF they are reading my blog, to know how much i obsess about stuff like clothing.

my mom made a comment recently, saying, "isn't it funny that sometimes when one remembers an event in their lives, one can usually remember what they were wearing at the time."

how many times do i run out to the store to find the perfect thing to wear for a certain night out or a vacation? my dream closet would be to have the perfect outfit for whatever event comes up in my life, where i just pull it out AND i have the right underwear, shoes, purse and accessories to look just right. AND, it fits, AND, it's clean and ironed. i guess that would be somewhat boring to be perfect, but sometimes i would like that...

so, here are the essentials that i want for my closet, IF it ever cools down, from j crew (i don't know how to 'collage' stuff, yet, so here it goes):
dolman-sleeve sweater dress - in classic pine (not heather saddle as shown here). i would have to belt it because i am pretty sure i can't pull off this look here. what i like, too, is that it can be worn by itself (with a belt), with a shirt underneath, or a contrasting crew t shirt as shown in the catalog. i even thought that it would be cool with a scarf knotted around the neck, underneath the shirt a la the sous chef on 'whites'. i like his red neckerchief under his white chef jacket.

it's not one of those dresses where one is not saying to me, "oh she's wearing THAT again." this is a phrase i borrowed from my friend kelly who says why she won't buy something expensive that really stands out and then people may say that about her since she would be thinking, "yes, i am wearing THAT again because it was so darn expensive."
the cafe capri in wool - in baked citron. this is also essentially plain, but, not when it comes in a bright citron color! of course this blue is nice, too, but i think i want the yellow.
although, i did cut out of vogue, a while back, this exact color of pant to find...hmmmmmmmm.

the silk elodie blouse - in paradise blue, shown, if i get the citron pants or in graffiti green, if i get the yacht blue pants.

i don't own a silk shirt... that's kinda' weird. i think it is because i 'handwash' and 'dry clean' my clothes in the washing machine.

i don't buy animal print stuff...ever. i don't really like it for some reason, but this no 2 pencil skirt in leopard really caught my eye. i even like it with the striped t.

if i get this, it will be a first for me.

zip cable sweater in navy instead of vintage champagne. i like the zipper on the shoulder...must decide if it will hurt to wear a shoulder strap purse on it...ooooooo...may have to get a new clutch...!

 and...last, but certainly not least, shoes!

i admire the people who can pull off cool and yes, to me, weird shoes, but seriously for me, a 54 year old, part time office person in texas who walks really weird in high heels, these are better suited.

the oxford ballet flat in those chanel colors without looking like a chanel knock off, and they are spectator-y. i am still searching for THE perfect pair of spectator pumps...that i can afford.

a loafer which comes in patent leather in a color called getaway green that i really really really like and it also comes in this warm sienna colored leather which i also really really really like. there are also some other colors, too.

so there you have it... an essential list of things i would like to have from j crew. i could start deciding which item i can reward myself with the first 10lbs dropped (i have about 40lbs i would like to lose)...perhaps the shoes...because it is going to be a long long while before it gets cool enough to wear wool and silk here.
how many days have we had over 100 degree weather here? i googled it, but couldn't find it. i betcha' it's been about 25. we had just enough rain this morning to add a ton of humidity to the heat, and when i said rain, i meant sprinkle (sigh).


  1. I want the wool capris in the bright dahlia color!

  2. so...do you think if i purchase one in yacht blue and one in baked citron, we can get your bright dahlia for free? let's ask! wouldn't it be awesome if that were true?