July 21, 2011



i went to a podiatrist for the first time in my life. i have been plagued all my life with a corn on my little toe of my left foot. i will spare you a photo of it. i am tempted to take a picture, but lucky for you, i am charging my camera battery right now. it's a doozie! it has gotten really big and it is starting to hurt and be bothersome. the podiatrist shaved it to relieve the pain and will remove it later. so, that will be done, soon.

now you are probably thinking, really? she went to the doctor because she had a corn on her little toe? really? and yes, i did, but that is not all.

i thought i had plantar fasciitis on that same left foot. but, i don't really have that problem. instead, my achilles tendon is inflamed. so, i am on a medrol pack (no cortisone shot since, if it isn't done correctly, it can blow out the tendon - yikes!) and i have to wear 2" heels for a month. no flats, no flip flops and no barefoot walking. i also cannot do my walking with my walking buddy for a month. i can bicycle (so boring to do on a stationary bike and, no offense, i hate spin classes) or i can swim, which is not something i do well enough to do in public...not to mention wearing a swimsuit...that just adds insult to injury. i am going to talk to my walking buddy and see if we can bike around the neighborhood or on the trail. i wonder how fast and long i have to go to equal a 3 1/2 - 4 mph walk, which we do for an hour? hmmmmmmm.

i also cannot not do squats, lunges or jumps for a month, which is what i did today before seeing the doctor. and yeah, my achilles tendon is throbbing a bit right now since i did lunges across the gym, jumping jacks, jump squats and regular squats. just talked to daughter michelle about having to tell good friend and trainer kelly this and michelle said, "what if she thinks you are trying to get out of those exercises?" this is a good point. i usually complain about what she makes me do, but i do it all none the less. so i think she will believe me.

another thing you might not know about me is that i can easily feel sorry for myself. i mean i truly have an ow-ie. i have had a 2 week break from exercising (i was on vacation, kelly was on vacation, ingrid was busy) and i was kinda' looking forward to starting up again.

i thought i would cheer myself up with a new pair of 2" heels that didn't look ridiculous with shorts (i know j crew styles their models with shorts and high heels, but really i cannot pull this off). so, i went to stanley eisenmans because they were having a half off sale, which is the only way i can buy anything there, and got these:

they are so comfortable! like walking on air, hence the soft-air technology on the box. i took off my nail polish that i had on because i thought the doctor would want to see my nail beds. i don't know why i felt i had to do this...i didn't feel the need to shave, which would have been a better look, but i didn't. instead he got to look at my hairy legs and toes and my slightly yellowish tinged nails (yea!).

then, while my prescription was being filled, i bought some new polish for my toes:
i thought the 'mink muffs' would monochromatically match the shoes. i also got 'escapades' which is the orangish, pinkish red that matched the opi i had on my fingernails. the opi color, for some reason was more translucent and even after 4 coats, i could still see my nail beds and tips. weird. AND, since it was buy 2, get 1 free, i got the 'pretty edgy' green. it is not as blue-y in real life. i don't know why the company decided to call this color 'pretty edgy' because it really isn't. i wore green in high school after caberet with liza minelli came out and green and blue nails were big. i remember my mom not being too happy with my green nails when i was turning pages for her piano music during some church function. i am wondering if i can wear the green in the office. after all, my mom also said that she read somewhere if you are old enough for something to come in style again, you are too old to wear it the second time, which is the excuse i use for not wearing high waisted flared jeans. seriously, it just isn't a good look for some butts...sorry.

do you notice a color trend here with the shoe box and the nail polish?
i have.

this handbag has been on my mine since i saw it in the store...i. want. it. i think this could be a color trend for me in the fall.

maybe, i will reward myself after a month of dieting and not walking for a month...we'll see.

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