July 19, 2011


i hope that everyone had a great weekend. i had a high/low weekend. why is that? why can't one have a time that is just really great? why can't it just be fun without having a sad time.
so...what am i talking about?
here is husband scott sky diving for the first time! this is something that was on his bucket list (isn't on mine, though...not even in close...at all). he thought he would be like president george hw bush who did a jump on his 85th birthday. so husband scott thought he would do this later, way later, in life since he is only 54. anyhoo, son jason's friend invited jason to sky dive with him and his mother and scott asked if he could do this, too. so there you go. it was fun to see jason and scott jumping as well as his friend's mother.

wait...what about jason's friend...didn't i mention that he was jumping, too? well...he did...we just didn't get to see it...he landed in a farmer's field...several fields away. he was fine, but we did get to tease him a bit, especially son jason who also had to take a photo of the pretty pink(!) drink at dinner.

speaking of food...when we got there, son jason immediately orders a greasy, yet delicious, cheeseburger and cheese fries...before a jump...how?!!!

sooooooo, after a great day of sky diving and a fun talking all at once about the jumps at dinner time, we go home and relax...content...

then zoe, the cat, starts having trouble breathing around 11:30pm and we end up at the vet's at midnight. it's is surprising to me how busy the vet is at midnight. we were not alone.

poor zoe went into cardiac arrest and died of congestive heart failure.

why? why couldn't we end on a high note? why must we lose a beloved pet on such a fun and exciting day?

i don't like it.

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