July 28, 2011

totally depressed and anxious

i had someone come in and measure for some blinds for a few windows today and made the mistake of telling her that our house was built in '72. i only told her that because she couldn't pull it up on her gps. i can't either on my gps and i always feel like i have to explain to people, when that happens, that i don't live in a new neighborhood.

anyhoo, she then comments, while inside the house, how 70's style it is...


so then i start looking around to take a photo of something in the house that does NOT look like it was styled in the 70's...and...i could not find anything...anything at all.

how depressing.
must seriously update the house and make it fresh, starting with this sofa. the curtains are being replaced by wooden blinds in white (to go with the white brick wall the curtains are hiding), but what to do with the sofa...i am really starting to hate the maroon color that seems to dominate the house. maroon and mustard...that doesn't even have a nice sound to it.

how depressing.

so, what am i anxious about? husband scott and i are going on a continuing ed business trip of sorts. i WAS super excited before today because the trip is to chicago and i have never been to chicago. even husband scott hasn't been there and he's been every where...which is what happens when one is an air force 'brat'.

so...got the itinerary today and there is to be a black tie optional dinner at the end of the trip to present awards and stuff. so, what does that mean...exactly - black tie optional? well...scott has to wear a tux (as in "men will be properly dressed in a tuxedo". that's the description given) and the company will gladly set him up with a rental there in chicago, if he doesn't want to bring his own. i sent him an email about this and he sent back, "you have got to be kidding."

i said no, but lucky scott is tall and slender and will look very good in a tux. plus, if he rents, he won't have to pack it and it will be a basic black tux like everyone else's. me...on the other hand has to come up with "a cocktail dress or an elegant pants ensemble". it truly says that...an elegant pants ensemble. i don't know why, but i keep picturing maude in her pant ensembles.

i have been to a few work functions with scott and i always come home feeling like i was under/over dressed, frumpy or trying too hard...never comfortable with what i put on. plus i am always awkwardly teetering in my heels. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! this is stressing me out! i don't have a little black dress because i don't like wearing black.

i did purchase this skirt from anthropologie earlier:

but, i was picturing myself wearing it with a plain white t or button down shirt and my flats or oxfords. how do i dress this up with out looking...i don't know...wrong?

i am not tall and slender like scott. i look more like this:

and, yes, i took it in the locker room at the gym.
and, yes, my skirt is extra wrinkly, but that is what happens when it is 102 and one is driving in the car with the seat belt on, waiting for the ac to kick in.

my hair is in a pony tail...just to let you know there is more to my hair than what you see.

i do like my shiny shoes, though. i should not have cut off the toes in the photo.

can i have a tux waiting for me at the hotel, too? actually, that would be a really really bad idea. i do not think i could ever i pull off the ysl le smoking outfit...at all...ever. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

when i voiced this to scott, he emailed me back with, "maybe we can get out of attending that part of the trip." it's tempting. i mean we could read the description as black tie ------- optional dinner and pretend we didn't know it was black tie optional ------------ dinner, couldn't we? it would work except it is a recognition dinner and people will be recognized.


post script: i just realized that everything i referenced in this post (ysl le smoking, maude and mounty python) is from what the 70's or 80's?

double rats

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