July 30, 2011

friday friday good ol' friday

i love fridays!

i used to not so much when i was a stay at home mom. back then, i loved mondays. it's true. i am sure there are some people out there that will agree with me. mondays were when husband scott went back to work and the children back to school and i had the house to myself...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

but now, i love fridays. i get to sleep in on saturday mornings.

tonight, however, was extra special. husband scott and i are making a bad habit of going to dallas for dinner and a movie on fridays. tonight we met up with brother john and mary for dinner at roti grill. it's simple, but really good indian food. we like the naan so much that it was ordered 3 times.

after dinner, we went to the angelika. we have been going there a lot since the movies playing there don't make it to fort worth. i don't know why. i do hope that the citizen theatre gets finished soon because supposedly they will be showing movies like the magnolia, angelika, inwood & texas theatre show. the first line on their website reads - "Your days of driving all the way to Dallas to see good movies are numbered, friends."

so, we went to the angelika and this is what i saw

a celebrity being interviewed. of course, i, little bit, got all excited, and had to take a photo. daughter michelle says to me that i don't even know who he is. and i said, i did that he is the director of the movie beats rhymes something or another and he was one of phoebe's boyfriends on friends...the one that shoots the bird. and she says no he isn't, so i googled it and guess who won? 

that's right...me. of course it still is not enough to be able to compete in pioneer woman's movie quiz, but whatevs.

we didn't see that movie (sorry one of phoebe's boyfriends). we saw life, above all, which was kinda' slow but i was entranced by the beauty of the movie. it was just so beautifully shot.

speaking of beauties...
no, not husband scott... the other one in front.

this one. 
daughter michelle is with us for a while.

i am so very very very happy.

seriously...isn't she beautiful?

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