August 01, 2011

how hot is it?

too hot

it is so hot that when i drove past these guys, i had to turn around, park and take a picture.

when i drove by the cardboard piece was just laying on his head. here, he is readjusting it. why does the city choose to tear up the street in august and have these poor guys working out in the heat?

of course, this year, it wouldn't have mattered since june was already 100 plus degrees, but normally it isn't.

i was in a parking lot across the street when i took this photo...and was VERY discreet...or so i thought

i'm glad to see he has a sense of humor. mine has disappeared and won't be back until it hits below 90 degrees.


  1. And the long sleeves? Can't figure out how this helps.

  2. I believe the sleeves are keeping them from tanning.
    oh and btw, eunice, so glad you are up and running again. love love love your blog. don't slow down once school starts or i will have nothing to read while housebound...refuse to go out in this heat.