August 08, 2011

i hate mondays

what to do when it's 110 plus degrees outside all. the. time...

if you are as lucky as i am, you have friends like these
who invite you to spend the weekend with them and their wonderful boat, where you fly on the water to find a nice cool spot to sit on a water noodle and cool off in the lake. and, husband scott attempts to water ski
and your friends know that you like to take photos of birds, spots one for you, and very very patiently waits for you to find it on the screen (in the bright sun with your sunglasses...why oh why is there no view finder?) of your point and shoot, while your husband is saying, "give it to me" and husband takes great photo for you.
and they don't complain when you want to walk blocks to your favorite store, red, in 120 degree heat, to just look around and wish you could buy everything in the store, but end up snapping a photo of what you really like and not buy anything.
and you go back to their condo and have peanut butter pie.
so much fun!

but then comes monday.

where you wake up to a forecast of 109 degree high, a 4lb gain (curse you, you extra delicious pie), and get to go to work, which happens to be a financial advisor institution where the dow drops 600 plus points (curse you, you debt ceiling and drop down from triple a rating).

husband scott is no longer looking like this:

curse you, you triple digits

curse you, you economice crisis

and curse you, monday, most of all (sigh)

wish i was back in the weekend fun.

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