August 10, 2011

fate, coincidence or 6 degrees of separation?

a while back, i was talking to my mom about son-in-law's new job and she asked where he and daughter michelle were going to live. i told her cedar city, utah. and then i said, "she is so excited because there is a shakespearean festival, there!"

i was kidding.

in our family here in fort worth, mom and i are the only ones to go to the trinity shakespeare festival every summer...or should i say all three of them since it has just started up should's good.

and, mom said, "i wonder if it's the big one in utah that is well-known? the reason i'm asking is because laura's friend, debbie's, son is part of the cast." i googled it and there was my sister's friend's the cast! not only that, debbie was going to be over for dinner at sister laura's house THAT NIGHT!

weird, right?

what are the chances that:  son-in-law dru gets a new job > moves with daughter michelle to cedar city, utah > where there is a shakespeare festival > with a cast member > whose mom > is a friend of my sister's > and is a dinner guest > that night?!! (i wonder if i can tie kevin bacon in there...somehow...hmmmmm.)

now remember, i live in texas, my sister & her friend live in new jersey, and my daughter in utah...not really all in the same community. it just a big coincidence or is it fate or just 6 degrees of separation?

it is a small world after all, indeed.

btw, michelle and i are driving the truck o' stuff (me) and her car (she) all by ourselves. wish us luck!

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